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Comics - Hope for Camp Willfrees - May 20 2014 02:27 pm


The Management Says:
Neil_Whitehorn, May 20 2014 02:27 pm ( Reply )

Yay my tablet came back, and I didn't loose any of my data yay. ^_^ Now I shall not learn my lesson and not back up my data. XD

This kind of composition is relatively difficult to do.
Doing lights and shadows for one or two characters is difficult enough, but doing a dozen characters while keeping track of the light source and keeping it consistent with all the characters; it can be a difficult thing to juggle. Doing this kind of composition is basically like doing 5 or 10 different ones at once. It's basically a juggling act, most people don't really understand the complexity of doing an image like this ... till they actually try doing it themselves.

I wonder if I should even attempt finishing it or if I should just proceed with the comic. There's a reason why I don't normally color my stuff, cause it's taxing and I have other things on my plate that I need to take care of. If I tried to do everything of everything then I wouldn't really be able to do anything. Things are in a way of which I need to be selective about what I invest my time and energy into as much as I love everything.

I don't know, do you guys think I should try to finish this or what? I kind of feel like it needs to be finished.


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